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work for change

ORB Recruit

Creating New Successes

Our mission as a non-profit is to create success opportunities for those who have limited resources. We foster Work for Change.

We seek out talent from developing countries and support them with local or international job placements. We also assist with creating education and mentoring opportunities where possible.

Many developing world candidates still don’t have the resources to tap into opportunities for change and growth. Help us bring their talents forward and change their lives.

  • Connect People with the Right Jobs for Them
  • Career Advice & Candidate Resources
  • Encourage Work for Change


Hire for a good cause.

Let us help you find a quality candidate and bring up talent from the developing world. Grow your business while tapping into an otherwise overlooked talent pool. Work with us to optimize your corporate social responisiblity with real impact. Let’s Work for Change.



Shine the way you should.

Let us support you with a job search, career coaching and mentoring opportunities. Our goal is to see you succeed through action and dedication. Tell us your goals and let’s create a plan to bring the best out of your future.

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