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Encouraging Change.

We find and pre-qualify the best English-Speaking Information and Communications Technology candidates for Pharma and IT Roles, Temp and Permanent.  We utilize our reliable candidate qualification system to bring the best talent to our clients and with each placement, 20% of our fee is donated to a charity of the client’s choice.

  • Connect People with the Right Jobs for Them
  • Get Your Job Postings & Company Info Out to the World
  • Career Advice & Candidate Resources
  • Encourage Work for Change


Hire for a good cause.

Find a quality candidate with us and contribute to a charity of your choice at the same time.  We work to streamline the hiring process by matching candidate skills to your job-description and ensuring an optimal fit with your company culture and values.  Help us learn more about you!



Shine the way you should.

We want to optimize your time and energy for such a demanding process.  Help us understand your goals and let’s work together to fulfill your professional needs.  From recent graduates to experienced professionals, we qualify and advise candidates at all steps of the professional journey.


Do you prefer Full-Time or Freelance IT opportunities in Benelux?

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